Одеська національна академія харчових технологій

Information about college

Separated Structural Subdivision «Odesa Technical Professional College of Odesa National University of Technology» (short name – SSS «OTPC ONUT») - state-owned professional pre-higher education institution, under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The college provides training of specialists at the educational-professional degree «Professional Junior Bachelor» (professional pre-higher education) and the educational level «Bachelor» (higher education) in the following specialties and educational-professional programs:

educational-professional degree «Professional Junior Bachelor»

«Computer Engineering» (educational-professional programmes «Security of Computer Systems and Networks», «Maintenance of Computer Systems and Networks», «Computer Graphics and Web-design»)

«Software Engineering» (educational-professional programme «Software Development»)

«Power Engineering» (educational-professional programmes «Installation and Maintenance of Refrigerating and Compressor Machines and Installations», «Installation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems»)

«Food Technologies» (educational-professional programmes «Production of Bread, Confectionery, Pasta Products and Food Concentrates», «Innovative Technologies and Organization of Public Catering»)

«Technologies of Light Industry» (educational-professional programmes «Modeling and Design of Industrial Products», «Fashion Industry»)

«Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activity» (educational-professional programme «Commodity Science in Customs Affairs»)

«Marketing» (educational-professional programme «IT Marketing and Business Communications»)

«Economics» (educational-professional programmes «Enterprise Economics», «Economics and Business Organization»)

«Finance, Banking and Insurance» (educational-professional programme «Finance, Banking and Internet Banking»)

educational level «Bachelor»

«Economics» (educational-professional programme «Economics»)

«Computer Engineering» (educational-professional programme «Computer Engineering»)

«Power Engineering» (educational-professional programme «Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems»)

Education is conducted in Ukrainian. Currently, foreigners and stateless persons are not admitted to study.

Contact Information:

Address: 54, Balkivska St., Odesa, UKRAINE


+ 38 048 753 16 50 – Office

+ 38 048 753 16 51 – Director, PhD, Liliia IVANOVA

E-mail: otkua@ukr.net

Website: www.otfk.od.ua